Announcing our 2017 SDUK Board!

We are thrilled to announce the NEW SDUK BOARD for 2017 as voted for by our members:




Kate Saxon -Returning Chair


The Board is made up of SDUK members, and is responsible for SDUK’s records, accounts and performance. While SDUK employs staff to manage the organisation, the Board are ultimately legally and financially accountable for the company. Don’t worry – they’re also insured!

Alongside the legal necessities, the Board help to shape SDUK’s strategy and activity, support the paid staff, and have a key role as advocates for the work we do, and for our members.

Directors are expected to be active and engaged in between meetings.  Staff generally communicate with the Board via an email group, occasionally by phone, and in person at meetings and events. Difficult member issues and concerns may be escalated to the Board on occasion, and Directors may be asked to Chair working parties, or to lead on an area of research or interest to the company. Directors are encouraged to plan and host regional activities in collaboration with the Membership Engagement Officer.