A Statement from Stage Directors UK about the current reports of harassment and abuse within our industry

Stage Directors UK fully support news that the Royal Court are currently drawing up an industry code of conduct, in order to tackle the widespread abuse and harassment which is currently being reported. 

We have reached out to Vicky Featherstone to offer any practical support we can as an organisation.

We are very aware that directors – particularly assistant and associate directors, as well as those working in junior positions within an organisation – can be vulnerable to abuses of power. We have already been in touch with our members to ensure they know we can be a first point of contact for disclosures and have compiled a list of organisations who can help. SDUK will work in partnership with organisations including Equity to ensure those who do come forward with information are fully supported. 

We are also acutely aware that those in a position of power are often directors, and those who abuse that power may be part of our current membership. We do not tolerate any abuse of power. SDUK was created to promote a fairer, more transparent industry for directors. We fight for directors’ rights and we take directors’ responsibilities seriously. This is why we welcome the guidelines being published and will work tirelessly to ensure they are adopted across the sector and by our membership. 


Thomas Hescott / Executive Director