Directing professionals invited to open meeting to discuss latest developments

Open Meeting details: Tuesday 27 June, 7pm, Headland House, 72 Acton Street, London WC1X 9NB


Equity and Stage Directors UK (SDUK) have formed a partnership to prepare a compelling, evidence-based claim for revision to Equity’s Directors’ collective agreements with SOLT and UK Theatre in early 2018.

Representatives from both organisations have formed a working party. This will combine the respective strengths in skilled negotiation, robust legal structure, and unparalleled access to information on best and worse practice in the industry, from those currently working within it. The working party will meet throughout 2017 to identify proposals for a claim, which Equity will take forward to negotiations with SOLT and UK Theatre.

Directing professionals are invited to an open meeting of both Equity and SDUK members, and non-members, on Tuesday 27 June where the voices of working directors will be heard, their concerns shared and ideas carried to the working party.

Stephen Spence, Deputy to the General Secretary at Equity states: “Equity and our Directors and Designers Committee are pleased to be working in partnership with SDUK on this round of negotiations. The invaluable work of SDUK and the wealth of experience of its members will inform Equity’s claim to SOLT and UK Theatre, making sure that we can improve terms and conditions for everyone.”

Thomas Hescott, Executive Director of SDUK states: “I’ve always believed that the best theatre comes from strong collaboration, and that’s no different when it comes to negotiation. Equity and SDUK working in partnership has the ability to be a united voice speaking out for a fairer deal. Strong contracts and good working conditions help create a fairer more diverse industry that anyone can access, whatever their background. That’s what SDUK and Equity are working towards.”

Equity is the UK trade union representing more than 42,000 performers and creative professionals who work across a range of media and creative industries including modelling, theatre, visual broadcasts, sound recordings and film.

SDUK is the professional trade association for Stage Directors across the UK. SDUK represents the interests of stage directors, campaigning and lobbying for better rights and working conditions. SDUK provides a sense of community and a unifying network for its members, and offers support, training and professional development. SDUK is By Directors, For Directors, moving directing culture towards a greater spirit of collaboration and mutual support.