SDUK Manchester – Directors Meet Up


19.00 - 21.00

Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square, Manchester, M2 7DH

The fourth ‘Bi-Monthly Directors Meet-Up’ in Manchester is the first evening event we have held, so we hope to see some new directors who haven’t been able to make the morning meetings. (Future meetings will alternate between a morning or an evening meet-up, to increase access for members.)

As usual, the meeting is primarily an opportunity for directors from the North West to connect, catch up and support one another. A topic of discussion we will explore towards the end of the meet-up however is ‘Soft Skills’ – what they are and how they are useful to us as directors both in our rehearsal rooms and when creating work opportunities?


7 – 8.15pm Arrival and informal chat

8.15pm – 9pm Soft Skills discussion

The café will be closed unfortunately, so please bring any drinks/refreshments you might need, and we’ll make sure there are some biscuits to share around.

N.B. Attendees will need to arrive at the Royal Exchange via stage door, as the main building is in tech. You will then be guided towards the ‘Exchange Suite’ where the event will take place.

Any questions feel free to email