Is SDUK open to every director? 

Yes, to every stage director or assistant director working in the UK, irrespective of genre. We also offer Student membership to those still in education.


What about Artistic Directors?   

You’re welcome too! We already have a great many AD’s in SDUK membership and several on the Board.



SDUK is a professional membership association. We are not a Union, nor a Charity – becoming one or the other is frequently discussed at Board level, but we all currently agree that we can best represent Directors in the UK without the necessary legal bondage of charitable or union status. SDUK is not run ‘for profit’ – your membership subs and any funding we receive goes directly into more events and activities to benefit Directors in the UK.


What can SDUK do for me?   

Loads!! Please click HERE for our list of Membership Benefits (link to benefits)


Is SDUK only interested in fees?   

Nope! We’re responsive to members’ needs and interests. We have a long ‘to do’ list and lots we’ve already done, including collaborations, discussions around copyright and royalties, arts funding, professional development, tackling abuses of power, the lack of diversity in the industry, and more.


What about the lack of funding in the arts?

SDUK can’t solve this one alone, and are painfully aware of the delicacy of asking for higher fees for directors in a climate where no one is paid enough, and companies don’t have the money to pay more. We want Directors to be part of the ongoing debate at industry level.


Will SDUK help in employment disputes

Yes. We view each query, concern or complaint on a case-by-case basis in accordance with a strict policy of intervention.


What about the rest of the UK?   

SDUK is a national organisation. Our office and admin team are based in the South East, and we have Deps in Scotland, Wales and the North. Location is not a barrier to SDUK membership (we have a handful of international members too!)


What is SDUK’s relationship to Directors UK and the Directors Charitable Foundation?

DUK is our ‘big brother’ organisation and was instrumental in the forming of SDUK (they also give us space in their beautiful offices and lots of other support). The DCF was formed by SDUK and DUK and the retiring members of the (now disbanded) Directors Guild of Great Britain to be a charitable trust, primarily for the welfare of directors in need.


What about Equity and other industry bodies? 

They’re our collaborators, partners and friends. We ensure that Directors are represented in industry-wide conversations by maintaining strong working relationships with other organisations. We are not in opposition. We do recognise, however, that Directors need their own professional body, By Directors, For Directors, and that organisation is SDUK.


If you have any further questions please contact us at info@StageDirectorsUK.com