We have reworked the Assistants Agreement into a new Assistant Directors’ Guide to Contracts. This new document is available to SDUK members only. It will be an indispensible aid for anyone being offered a contract as an Assistant, Associate or Resident.

It is in three parts.

Part One lists some standard contractual terms and conditions, to help members check that any contract they are offered is clear and fair.

Part Two suggests a checklist of the Assistant’s normal range of duties, plus some possible undertakings on the Director’s side, an element that only SDUK offers. We believe that advance discussion by the Director and Assistant of duites and working methods can prevent misunderstandings, and ensure that the engagement works well for both.

Part Three offers valuable advice on fee issues for Assistants, Residents and Associates. Under the SDUK Members’ Fee Information Service members can contact the office for detailed information on rates whenever they are offered a contract.