The Directors Voice study published

We are delighted to announce that the training and career study, commissioned by the National Theatre, RADA, The Old Vic and SDUK has now been published. You can find the full report here.

Thomas Hescott – the author of the report and the exec director of SDUK said:

The report was commissioned in order to get a clearer sense of who makes up the UK’s directing workforce, and what gaps, if any there are in their training and career development. Whilst none of the statistics around the socio-economic background of directors, and around the diversity of the directing workforce will come as a shock, it does make for sobering reading. The report also highlights that there is a lack of support for directors to grow into bigger spaces and on to bigger projects. The increase in emerging schemes, coupled for a lack of long term support after these schemes has left many directors stranded with little opportunity and guidance. We hope that the statistics provided by the report, and the recommendations made will open up dialogues with arts organisations and training providers to ensure that long term support and guidance will allow directing to be open to all – not just the privileged, but structural changes need to be made to help that happen. We are very grateful to our partners – The National Theatre, RADA and the Old Vic for commissioning the report, and instigating that dialogue