who we are

SDUK is the professional trade organisation for stage directors across the UK. We represent the interests of stage directors and campaigns for better rights and working conditions.
We are a membership organisation providing a sense of community and a unifying network for its members. We offers support, training and professional development.

SDUK is “by directors, for directors.”

sduk aims

  • To play a role alongside other unions and trade organisations in the
    negotiation of stage directors contracts in the UK
  • To help transform the fees, contracts and working lives of directors at all stages of their careers.
  • To ensure that a career as a director can be a viable possibility for as
    many talented individuals as possible irrespective of background, race or
  • To ensure training and career development paths for all directors are
    open, transparent and legitimate opportunities.

sduk believes in

  • Championing the role of directors across the UK, advocating for their interests and transforming their working lives.
  • Being a champion of best practice for our members and for people and
    organisations our members work with.
  • The power of the directing community to achieve change.
  • Providing a legacy of opportunity, training and support to other directors.
  • Moving the directing culture towards a greater spirit of collaboration and mutual support – “by directors, for directors.”