SDUK Cymru


Mathilde Lopez
SDUK Cymru will address the particular linguistic and multicultural aspects of Wales by organising bilingual events and become a place where directors support one another, pitch their projects and talk about their current challenges. We will meet quarterly to discuss ways to tackle institutional racism, the absence of mid-scale companies and opportunities in Wales and invite speakers to inform and help us develop new routes to bring our works to the rest of the world, particularly Europe and European Theatre Festivals.


SDUK Scotland


Emily Reutlinger, Gareth Nicholls and Nora Wardell
As a collective, we would like to support Scottish-based directors to access development workshops, mentorship and contractual advice specific to the needs of the Scottish theatre landscape, and to share ideas on how we can best enable a diverse and thriving theatre culture for the future. We look forward to meeting you very soon.


SDUK Manchester


Benedict Power and John Garfield Roberts
SDUK Manchester aims to develop a regular informal network for directors in and around the North West to more easily engage with and support one another in a peer to peer capacity. We want to establish more formal mentoring opportunities for emerging and early career directors in the North, in addition to the mid-career opportunities already on offer. Quarterly meetings, with discussion around specific issues that include diversity of opportunity, finding work, and networking are also planned, as well as a series of practical workshops addressing some of the core developmental needs of Northern SDUK members.


Contact your Dep
If anyone would like to meet their Dep to talk through any issues, challenges or ambitions, or just to see a friendly SDUK face, please contact the office and we’ll put you in touch.