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All Theatre and Opera Directors in the UK are invited to join SDUK.

2018 subscription rates

  • Subs are based on your previous year’s income from Theatre/Opera Directing in the UK. Do not include income from non-directing work.
  • If you are currently in education in a theatre-related field, and want to become a director when you graduate, you are eligible for STUDENT membership. Student Membership continues until 1 year post-graduation.

sduk insurance

SDUK offers Members Public and Products Liability Insurance, which you can take out alongside your membership, and pay with your subscription fees.

  • Annual insurance is just £7.50pa
  • Only Full members are eligible (sorry Student Members!)
  • The policy covers legal liabilities for accidental injury and loss or damage.
  • The policy is specifically designed for workshops, research, development sessions and similar scenarios. IT WILL NOT COVER YOU FOR PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIONS (ie. those with a paying audience).

STUDENTS ONLY: Student Membership at £25 per year (no insurance available)