what sduk membership offers you

For some, the benefits of joining SDUK are tangible - insurance, discounts, offers, events. For others, it’s the more abstract (but no less compelling) concept of being better together; By Directors, For Directors, forming a community and supporting the next generation of Directors, and ensuring our profession is as diverse and transparent as possible. 

WE’RE HERE. Our shoulders are for crying on, our address books are open. We broker relationships, we foster discussion, we’re discrete and anonymous where necessary. We’re a handy ‘cc’ on an email when you want an extra eye on things. We’ll unpick paper trails, contact agents, sort out your minor pickles and your significant problems. We can escalate issues to the relevant authorities, seek legal and financial support and advice. If in doubt, seek us out. That’s what we’re here for.

financial and

  • Personal practical advice on contracts and terms.
  • Ongoing advocacy with industry organisations and agents to improve fees, rights and royalties.
  • Mediation and intervention in challenging work circumstances.

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training and development

  • Free members events and workshops with a range of directors, designers, and other creatives across all genres.
  • Exclusive access to notes and audio files from those events and activities.
  • A Mentorship programme.

social and professional

  • A vibrant and active community of peers that understand the work you do.
  • Brokered communications between members with similar interests and experience.
  • Regular informal meet-ups with fellow members.
  • A nationwide regional membership network, physical and online.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships with like-minded industry organisations.

offers and discounts

  • Offers on tickets from many UK theatres.
  • Discounts on rehearsal spaces, theatrical texts, accountancy services and more!
  • Exclusive membership offers to clubs, associations and publications.